Want HRV ducting to be perfectly insulated? Choose thermally insulated EPP ducting. High mechanical strength, pre-insulated, and quick to assemble. You don't need an additional insulation layer. It comes in 15/43mm thicknesses.

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The universal assembly makes SlimAIR stand out among its competitors. You can mount it horizontally, vertically, or horizontally suspended. Compact dimensions and a height of 24.2 cm reduce installation space.

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Discover 6 ventilation systems tailored to maritime applications. A wide selection of non-insulated and preinsulated ducts and fittings in galvanized steel, aluminium, and stainless steel (10,16, and 25mm insulation) is available.

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Buy CE-certified fire and smoke dampers directly from the manufacturer. Fire dampers are available in round and square designs, with fusible links or actuators. Fire resistance class EIS60, EIS90, and EIS120.

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