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CSQ-WSQ - New design
New Price List 2021

Heat Recovery Unit PremAIR
350, 450 and 500 m3/h

New Heat Recovery Unit PremAIR

Heat recovery up to 91,2%, Wireless control via a mobile application (Android and iOS systems), lightweight design - only 35 kg


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Spiral Ducting & Fittings

Efficient and complete ventilation system for industrial and domestic use requires a series of reliable components all of which you can find in Alnor’s offer. Thanks to our experience, regularly expanded knowledge as well as perfectly equipped technical facilities we can provide you with items varying from ductwork support systems, through dampers and louvres, to grilles, diffusers and silencers. All of them are not only efficient (even during intense usage), but also remain resistant to chemicals and corrosion (depending on material of the selected model). We put great emphasis on transparency, which is why our every product has listed applications, used materials and obtained certifications. This way you can be sure that STRUT system, flexible or spiral ducting, fittings and any other item will provide the results you expect - or even exceed all expectations. If you are interested in our offer download the catalogue or visit our on-line store! Please directly contact our company if you happen to have any questions regarding the products or the whole offer.