Circular silencers

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Ventilation silencers are produced in diameters range 80 to 1250 mm of galvanised sheet, aluminium and stainless sheet. They are recommended in the version with EPDM seals to ensure achieving "D" class airtightness (RISE certificate).

Depending on dimensions, shapes, and materials there are the following types of silencers:

  • straight silencers SIL or SIRL available with insulation of stone and glass wool and insulation thickness 50, 100 and 150 mm. They are available in lengths range 300 to 1500 mm, optionally other lengths are available.
  • silencers with additional attenuation pod SIBL and SIBRL available only in diameters range 315 to 1250 mm.
  • attenuating bends BSIL which internal part is made of a perforated sheet. They are available in diameters to range 125 to 630 mm with 50 or 100 thick insulation.
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