Insulated flexible duct for fireplace systems

Photo of product family: Insulated flexible duct for fireplace systems

The Sonouct AD-3 is identical in design to the AD-L, except for the inner cladding.
The outer cladding is a duct resistant to the maximum temperature of 250˚C;
this makes it perfect for fireplace hot air distribution systems and for all ventilation
systems with a maximum air temperature of 250˚C.

Packaging: 10 metre sections compressed to 1200 mm and packed in cardboard boxes,
and 5 metre sections compressed to 600 mm and packed in cardboard boxes.
Flexibility (winding diameter): Depends on the actual duct outer diameter, i.e. ca. 0.80D (mm).
Temperature range: -30˚C to +250˚C
Maximum acceptable vacuum: Depending on the duct routing.
For straight runs, 1/3 of the pressure transferred at the specific diameter can be taken.
Non-perforated version available on request IZODUCT AD-3 ALID-3
Fire classification references: 2839.1/11/Z00NP


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