Supply air valves and exhaust air valves

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We offer a comprehensive range of ventilation air supply and extract valves for domestic and commercial ventilation applications.
Air valves can be divided according to materials they are made of that is:

  • steel sheet with RAL 9016 powder-coated finish (codes KW, KWV, KWI, KWO, KN, KNV, KNI and KNT) or RAL 9010 powder-coated finish
  • stainless steel - KW-K and KN-K air valves
  • chrome-nickel - KCN air valves
  • plastic - KPP air valves and ELZ and ELZ-I telescopic air valves

Air valves are available in a diameter range from 80 to 250 mm and depending on a type are delivered with or without a mounting frames (rings). Mounting frames are also available to buy separately check - mounting frames category

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