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How to use AlnorSILENT silencer selection software

Update 2016-04-26
Size 15 mb

After watching this video You will know:

  • interface software with its multiple windows,
  • how to enter input data and perform calculations,
  • how to save projects and 3D models.

Alnor ventilation duct tools

Update 2013-03-26
Size 25 mb

Tools used for cutting, assembling and installing ventilation ducts, these allow:

  • cutting the piping in a straight line, easily, with no sharp edges, no need to clean the ends,
  • cut out the holes for inspection hatches,
  • pin welding to the exactly fit the insulation to the duct.

Installing inspection hatches

Update 2013-08-14
Size 26 mb

Installing an inspection hatch on the duct is easy - follow these simple steps. This short training video shows you how to do it.

Connecting square ducts

Update 2013-04-18
Size 12 mb

Installation accessories used in the video:

  • USZ washers used to insulate the point of connection between the ducts,
  • SRS screws to connect square duct frames,
  • KLQ clamps to reinforce the frames at the point of connection.

Hot weld pins with clip

Update 2013-04-18
Size 27 mb

GWS adhesive pins are used to install the thermal insulation on a smooth surface of a ventilation duct, utilizing a self-adhesive layer of foam which ensures durable fastening and no damage to the coating.
The kit includes: GWS nail with a KLP clip. The KNY cap is to be ordered separately. It is recommended to use 6 to 10 GWS nails per 1m2