Universal mounting accessories

Photo of product family: Universal mounting accessories

Mounting accessories are designed to suspend, fix, join and support round and rectangular ventilation ducts and flexible ducts. They are also used for mounting other HVAC installation elements.

Most of the available accessories have passed durability tests and approvals required by the construction sector. All accessories can be divided according to the type of ductwork they can be used for i.e. round or rectangular.

In case of the round ducts these are clamps, perforated bands and suspension rings; in case of the rectangular ones, these are V-type, R-type, Z-type and L-type suspension brackets and joining channels.

For installation of flexible ducts You can need use galvanised and stainless steel band clips for fastening them to plenum boxes or round connectors.

The universal accessories include threaded rods, beam clamps, nuts and bolts which are used in various ways in ventilation systems.

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