Heat recovery ventilation

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Heat recovery ventilation unit HRU-PremAIR is a modern device with 265 CFM (125 L/S) air flow at 0.4 IN. W.G. ( 100
Pa) external static pressure. Unit is made from cutting edge materials - PET counterflow core with high temperature recovery efficiency and EPP self-supporting casing which has good acoustic and thermal isolation properties.
In addition, the HRU-PremAIR can be connected to the Internet and controlled via a mobile application or website.

Key performance features: 

  • Heat recovery: PremAIR-450- up to 90,5 %
  • Hi-tech modern casing made of Expanded Polypropylene - EPP
  • High mechanical resistance
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Performance tested according to CSA C439-18 standard
  • Wall mounting racks and feet included
  • Replaceable duct connections
  • Wireless control through mobile application or web service
  • Wired function controller
  • Light weight construction - only 32 kg!
  • Manufactured and designed in Poland
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