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Round Insulated - Ventilation Ducts and Fittings

Round Insulated - Ventilation Ducts and Fittings

The round ventilation ducts and fittings in an insulated version are used for external
applications and in places where it is impossible to insulate conventional ducts with
an aluminium jacket.

The inner and the outer duct is made of conventional materials and the spiral duct
diameters – between which a mineral wool with a thickness ranging from 25 to 100 mm is placed.

All internal fittings are equipped with an EPDM gasket providing the ventilation system with
the airtightness class D.

Diameters ranging from 080 mm to 1250 mm made of a galvanized, aluminium or stainless
steel sheet are available. Tailor-made small diameters are adaptable to ventilation ducts on
vessels or drilling rigs.

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