Ventilation for Marine & Offshore Applications

Ventilation for Marine & Offshore Applications

Shipbuilding is a highly challenging process especially in terms of installation of ventilation systems and air conditioning. The ventilation system must be resistant to changing weather conditions, high humidity and salinity, while being failure-free and easy in maintenance.

Reliability and maintenance are key aspects of shipbuilding since in the case of some equipment failure at land construction You can easily seek assistance, however, at sea it is virtually impossible. Employees of vessels must be able to quickly and efficiently repair a failure, otherwise compromised can be a health or life of the ship crew. Since one of the most dangerous situations in on the ship is a fire, the entire ventilation system should be designed and constructed in such a manner that in the case of fire, the fire and smoke does not spread.

In our offer we have 6 ventilation systems -  ducts and fittings for marine and offshore shipbuilding: ducts and fittings with insulation thickness of 10mm and 16 mm, IZOL safe - with a seal on the external and internal wall, galvanized circular ventilation ducts and fittings - air-tightness class D, aluminium ventilation ducts and fittings, stainless steel ventilation ducts and fittings 1.4301 / 1.4404.

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