Insulated ducts for HRV system

Insulated ducts for HRV system

Lack of insulation on ventilation ducts is one of the most common assembly errors, which can lower heat recovery ventilation efficiency. This kind of "oversight" will end up being very costly for customers, regardless of whether it was due to inexperience, insufficient knowledge, or a desire to save money or time.

The outdoor air and exhaust ducts, as well as all ventilation ducts after the heat recovery unit that pass through unheated rooms, should be insulated. A poor insulation method or quality of the insulation layer will result in condensation forming on the outside or inside of the duct. It is also possible that cold air will be blown in due to uninsulated ducting.

An alternative to self-insulating ventilation ducts is the use of pre-insulated ducts. Insulated ducts are an excellent solution if quick installation is desired or if site insulation is not possible. We offer two insulated duct systems for mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery:

»» Pre-insulated ducts and fittings with rubber insulation - steel ventilation ducts and fittings (bends, tees, male and female couplings, reducers) equipped with a rubber seals. Insulation is available in 4 thicknesses: 9, 13, 19 and 25 mm.

»» EPP Thermal ducting - made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), a material that provides excellent thermal insulation. Because EPP is already an insulator (as a material itself), it requires no additional insulation, which reduces assembly time. Two thicknesses are available: 15 and 43 mm.

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