Round ducts and fittings made of plastics

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Plastic ventilation systems for industrial applications

Polymer ventilation ductwork system is an alternative option for the traditional metal ducting system – ducts and fittings. Polypropylene (PE) due to its high resistance to various types of acids, alkaline solutions, reagents, solvents, is ideal for the chemical industry e.g. laboratories, hospitals, pickling and passivating facilities.

Polymer Ductwork

The chemical resistant ventilation system consists of ducts (Ø 75-800mm), bends (Ø 50-800mm), tees (Ø 50-800mm), female coupling (Ø 50-800mm), concentric reducers (Ø 50-800mm) end caps (Ø 50-800mm), angle takeoffs (50-800mm diameter).

PVC and PPS Pipe & Fittings in stock

Chemical resistant ducts and fittings of the circular cross-section are made of PVC and PPs -  are available in stock, and PVC (white), PP, PP-EL-s, PE, PVDF - available on special order. We keep a lot of pvc and pps pipe and fittings in stock, and we offer custom production services for round and rectangular ventilation system components. Simply send us sketches and technical data for Your special orders. 

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