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Fume & Dust Extraction Systems

Fume & Dust Extraction Systems

Dust extraction system is used as an air filtration system, which removes contaminated or toxic air out of the room. In industrial ventilation, air pollutants are often a result of production processes. In manufacturing plants can occur the emission of the following pollutants: toxins, welding fumes, dust, solvent vapours or mists.

High concentrations of harmful substances and improper ventilation can cause:

  • hazard for the health and safety of workers, caused by the irritating, allergenic, toxic, carcinogenic, radioactive, flammable and explosive airborne contaminants
  • discomfort and malaise;
  • explosions and fires as a result of exceeding the permissible concentration of flammable or explosive substances;
  • faster wear damage and breakdowns of machinery and equipment.

Elements of duct extration systems are pipes, filters, fans.

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