Cantilever arms

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Cantilever arms - wall brackets

Cantilever arms are compatible with Strut Channel Support System. Cantilever arms are used for suspension and fixing items directly on the building wall at the 90-degree angle, like rectangular ducts, HVAC equipment, e.g. air conditioners, AHUs.

Cantilever support arms are made of galvanized steel and are available in different versions and sizes. Cantilever arm is manufactured by welding wall plate and strut channel section.

We offer two main types of cantilever arms:

  • W-LDB cantilever arm single channel - available in lengths from 150 to 750 mm.
  • WK-LDB long cantilever arm with additional bracing-  available in lengths from 400 to 1050 mm.

When choosing between WK-LDB and W-LDB cantilever arms, check maximum acceptable load capacities (see technical data).
Cantilever arms are also known as wall supports, wall plate with welded C-profile and wall hanger brackets.

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