Ceiling Diffusers

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What is a ceiling diffuser?

Air diffusers are used for the aesthetic finishing of ventilation systems in the ceilings. This makes them the perfect choice for offices, shopping malls, and public facilities. Diffusers ensure adequate air exchange under diverse climatic conditions while at the same time preserving the unique character of the interior design.

Square air diffusers

Square intake diffusers are made of steel or aluminium sheet, powder painted white acc. to RAL 9016. They are available in outside dimension range from 295 x 295 to 595 x 595 what corresponds to dimensions of ceiling coffers or in a round version with a connection from 150 to 350 mm.

Ceiling diffusers are mounted to plenum boxes what ensures their aesthetic appearance. It is possible thanks to disposable inside part of a diffuser which enables easier cleaning of installation at the same time.

Circular air diffusers

Round supply air diffusers are made of aluminium sheet powder painted acc. to RAL 9016 in dimension range 150 to 350 mm. The ceiling diffuser is equipped with a wing damper enabling adjustment of air intake or outake. Disposable inside part makes its assembly easier and enables cleaning of ventilation system.

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