Plenum boxes

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Plenum boxes are used together with air diffusers in low- and medium-pressure ventilation systems. Plenum boxes are used for airflow balancing and to ensure continuous airflow to the diffuser. We offer both standard plenum boxes that suit our air diffusers as well as bespoke sizes on request. 

Models of plenum boxes

Plenum boxes are manufactured from galvanised steel sheet as a standard, stainless steel plenum boxes are available upon request. Plenum box for ventilation systems can be manufactured with side or top entry. In addition, they can be equipped with an air damper in the inlet spigot of the plenum. Standard plenum boxes are supplied with elastic and high-temperature resistant insulation on the basis of synthetic rubber,  thickness: 9 mm

Key features of Plenum boxes:

  • suit Alnor's air diffusers (see air diffuser range)
  • side or top entry,
  • fitted with air dampers on request,
  • rubber foam lining.
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