Accessories for round FLX-REKU System

Photo of product family: Accessories for round FLX-REKU System

Fittings and accessories for the FLX-REKU air distribution system with radial,
semi-rigid, non-metallic ducting made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

The complementary components of FLX-REKU system include:

  • bends, reducers and saddle collars
  • closing and airtight dampers
  • female and male couplings
  • sound absorbers (silencers/attenuators)
  • seal rings
  • end caps
  • fastening support

These components can be joined directly to FLX-HDPE semi-rigid ducting - depending
on the type of components: male or female connection. Moreover, some FLX-REKU fittings and
accessories enable joining two systems together: FLX-REKU semi-rigid ducting with rigid SPIRAL ductwork.

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