Round dampers

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Dampers are made in diameter range from 80 mm to 630 mm of galvanized, aluminium and acid-resistant sheet.

  • Regulating damper DAR/DARL passes about 30% of air with a possibility of full opening of a duct.
  • Shut off damper DAS/DASL stops about 95% of air during full closing stage.
  • Airtight damper DAT/DATL enables full closing of a duct and in connection with a servomotor with a return spring it acts as a closing flap.
  • Sliding dampers GK/GKL enables cleaning of ventilation installations.
  • Iris type dampers GBL enable a stepless adjustment of air jet - they are equipped with a connector for a measuring device.
  • By-pass dampers DATVTL or DATATL are used for intaking air into a system from two sources such as a wall mounted air intake grille and an air exchanger.

Dampers are used to ventilation systems.

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