Roof support modular frames

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The ST-ROF system is a set of roof support elements for building services units (eg. air conditioning plant), ducts, cable ladders, piping, collectors and solar panels. There are available 4 basic versions of roof support frameworks  – 4, 6, 8 and H-frame roof sets – depending on equipment’s size and weight. The set of roof supports consists of perfectly matched components – roof foot, mounting profiles, screws, nuts, etc., thus installation is fast and simple. Modular frameworks can be used on a flat roof and slightly sloped roof.

All components of roof support sets are made of hot-dipped galvanized metalwork (protection against corrosion), which ensures high quality and durability.
The selected roof support modular framework is boxed for convenience. Additionally, You can purchase:

  • ST-ROF-AF - absorbing rubber based adjustable feet
  • ST-ROF-MAT - antivibration mat


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