Semi-rigid non-metallic ducting - oval

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FLX-HDPE-132-52 oval, semi-rigid, corrugated air duct made out of polyethylene is
a part of air distribution system for mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery.
The oval ducting is made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene), durable with high
crushability and at the same time flexible enough allows you to take bends with
a radius of 300mm (horizontal) and 150mm (vertical) with the duct itself.

For sharp bends you can use the horizontal and vertical 90° elbows -
FLX-VBH (horizontal elbow) and FLX-VBW (vertical elbow).

The low profile of the ducting allows it to be installed in easily in voids, false ceilings,
in concrete or screed. Quicker and easier to install compared to traditional metal, rigid duct systems.

FLX-HDPE-132-52 oval, semi-rigid ducts are supplied in 20-meter coils - no need for
multiple joints, thus improving airtightness of the ventilation system.

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