Fire Dampers and Fire Rated Valves For Ductwork

Fire Dampers and Fire Rated Valves For Ductwork

Fire dampers and smoke dampers, air valves, as well as grilles are passive fire protection solutions used in ventilation systems.

A shut-off fire damper is used in the general ventilation systems as protection that prevents smoke and fire from getting between the separated neighboring fire zones.

The fire-rated air valves are installed as ceiling-mounted diffusers or exhausts which look like standard air valves which, however, close automatically in case of fire.

Depending on the requirements of the partition and support walls, the fire damper has the fire resistance class EIS60, EIS,90, and EIS120 and are originally equipped with electrical actuators or fusible link closing the damper blade at the temp. of 72oC.

All fire dampers are designed to be installed in the spiral ductwork or rectangular ventilation ducts.

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