Duct and fittings made of EPP in thickness 43 mm

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EPP ducting is an alternative to insulated steel ducts or insulating ventilation ducts
with one's own hands using mineral wool or rubber foam. Ducts and fittings made of EPP
(expanded polypropylene) are a ready solution for heat recovery installation.
Dedicated for installation in the outdoor and exhaust ductwork section.

Although expanded polypropylene "looks like" ordinary polystyrene, it is a stronger
material, meaning that EPP is both lightweight and durable, and has excellent
thermal insulation properties, which means EPP pipes do not need to be insulated.

Why is it worth buying EPP thermal ducting?

  • Quick installation (we do not need any additional mounting accessories such as screws, tapes, etc.)
  • Simple assembly - no special skills are required to connect EPP elements (pipes and fittings are push-fit connected); ducts can be cut according to our needs with a knife or saw
  • A limited number of system components - only 3-4 pieces
  • Light and durable design

EPP ducts come in two thicknesses: 15mm and 43mm.

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