Duct and fittings made of EPP

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Thermal ducting made from EPP material is a system of ducts and fittings for domestic mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR). Used specifically for outdoor and exhaust ducts instead of traditional steel ducts insulated with wool.

All elements are made of EPP, which has excellent thermal insulation properties. Therefore, there is no need for additional insulation.

The thermal conductivity of the material is. λ = 0.039 [W / m * k].

Exactly why should you buy EPP pipes?

  • low weight,
  • quick assembly (no additional fasteners, tapes or screws),
  • does not require additional insulation as the material itself is already an insulator,
  • easy to cut with hand tools,
  • no thermal bridges.

We offer EPP ducting with wall thicknesses of 15mm and 43mm.

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