Photo of product family: Reducers

Reducers are produced in diameters range 80 to 1600 mm of galvanized, aluminium and acid-resistant steel. They are used to ventilation systems.

They are recommended in the version with EPDM seals to ensure achieving "D" class leakage (airtightness) according to EN 12237 (SITAC certificate). In both versions there are several types of reducers:

  • Short symmetric reducers which are mainly offered as pressed elements. Depending on a method of connection they are available as RPC and RPCL with nipples at both ends or as RPCF and RPCFL with a muff on a bigger diameter .
  • Long segmented reducers, symmetric and asymmetric, are available with or without seals as well as with use of muff and nipple connections.

Optionally segmented reducers can be produced with various untypical diameters and thickness of sheet.

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