VAV Flow Regulators

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The RAVAV regulator is dedicated for forced ventilation systems and is an important component for installations with variable air flow.

The regulator casing is made of Z 275 galvanized sheet. Casing sides with factory-installed EPDM rubber gaskets ensure tight connection to ventilation ducts. Inside the casing, the adjusting damper is also insulated. The servomotor is installed on the control unit casing so as to allow for thermal insulation of the system.

The measuring system based on aluminum impact pressure tubes and pressure relieve stub pipes ensures reliable measuring of the air flow. Servomotor, control unit and sensor are integrated in one device. The servomotor adjusts the damper position, the control unit compares the current air flow rate with the set value and the sensor turns the differential pressure value into electric signal.

As a standard, the RAVAV control units are supplied with LMV-D3-MP (NMV-D3-MP) servomotors.

The insulation rating of the adjusting damper is class 4 as per EN-1751:1998.

Casing tightness is class C as per EN-1751:1998.

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