Regulations of using Web B2B platform ALNOR Ventilation Systems

  • The owner of the platform is
    ALNOR Systemy Wentylacji Sp. z o.o.
    8b Zwierzyniecka Street, 00-719 Warsaw, Poland
    REGON 010685817, Tax ID 521-10-68-747,
    European Tax ID PL5211068747
    Company is registered in District Court for capital city of Warsaw,
    XX Economic Department under National Court Register number 0000038889
    Basic capital equals 334 500 PLN
  • Logistic operator of orderings is
    ALNOR Systemy Wentylacji Sp. z o.o.
    10 Aleja Krakowska Street, 05-552 Wola Mrokowska, Poland
    Phone.: +48 22 737 40 00, Fax.: +48 22 737 40 04,
  • Only company which possesses access data to web B2B platform could be Buyer.
  • Terms of discounts are obligatory only in connection with orderings placed on web B2B platform.
  • In case of unforeseeable price changes or dispensation, web B2B platform is reserving possibility not to realize placed order.
  • Lead-time pointed by buyer on web platform is only approximate and only “order confirmation documents” confirms delivery time. This document is available on web platform after confirmation by Seller as PDF file – additionally this is the only way of sending document.
  • Accessibility of elements which quantity is less than 5 units, should be necessarily verified by Seller although there is information in the system that they are available on stock.
  • All standard terms are corresponding to earlier settlements among Buyer and Seller.
  • The cancellation of order is always required in written form and must be also accepted by Seller in written form.
  • In Express mode – buyer can cancel an order only in case when lead-time confirmed on “order confirmation documents” is longer than 2 days. Buyer is obligated to send, by e-mail, written order canceling into sales representative in 27 hours
  • Day defined as lead-time is a day when goods are available on stock in Wola Mrokowska.
  • Way of information about changes in the regulations is placement current version on
  • Buyer who places an order, accepts above regulations.
Alnor Ventilation Systems
Krakowska 10 Avenue
05-552 Wola Mrokowska

tel. +48 22 737 40 00