EPP Manifold boxes for MVHR systems

EPP Manifold boxes for MVHR systems

Insulated manifolds at the price of uninsulated ones? 

The efficiency of the ventilation system with heat recovery does not end with the selection of an air handling unit. The air distribution system, including but not limited to ventilation ducts, plenum boxes and distribution boxes, is crucial for the proper operation of the heat recovery ventilation. 

And since the lack of insulation is one of the most common mistakes when installing an MVHR system. Therefore, in our offer, installers will find already insulated EPP plenum and distribution boxes that solve the problem of missing or incorrect insulation. 

EPP manifolds (distribution boxes)

Manifolds FLX-PLO-EPP-R are designed for use in domestic mechanical ventilation systems. They collect 75mm semi-rigid ducting, which is then distributed to the rooms. Typical installations contain from 1 to 2 such manifolds for the supply air and the extract air. Expanded polypropylene (EPP), the material used for the manifolds, is also an insulating material.

Why You should use EPP manifolds? 

  • High thermal insulation: EPP is an insulating material with λ = 0.039 
  • Corrosion-resistant 
  • Simple and easy assembly - press-fit 
  • The plenum box body is made of EPP, the spigots are made of ABS
  • Excellent mechanical strength 
EPP manifolds for HDPE ducts



EPP manifolds FLX-PLO-EPP-R
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EPP manifolds FLX-PLO-EPP-R-P
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