Ventpack from Fluid Desk

Ventpack - an application for designing ventilation and air conditioning.

Its operating environment is the full version of AutoCAD 2007 to 2012.

Benefits of Ventpack:

  • increased operating efficiency,
  • a reduced number of errors – verification of your system for correctness,
  • the possibility to generate fast additional detailed sections of your system,
  • the possibility to generate system diagrams automatically,
  • detailed list of materials, including calculations of the surface area of ducts, 
  • automatic hydraulic calculations.

Major features of the application:

  • 2D operation plus the possibility to generate system sections and diagrams automatically,
  • selection of products from a general library, libraries of manufacturers and the possibility to insert your own, non-standard component,
  • a report from hydraulic calculations available as a table exportable to a *.txt or *.xls file,
  • the possibility to design systems for each floor in separate *.dwg files within a single project to be combined in a uniform system both in hydraulic calculations and the list of materials (specification),
  • automatic numbering, dimensioning and compilation of lists of materials,
  • once the system is completed, the application provides the total pressure drop in the branch which is the most disadvantageous from the hydraulic point of view and the required pressure values to be choked in the other system branches,
  • "Project explorer" - a tool which enables you to work upon several drawings (*.dwg files) within a single project,
  • possibility to replace or modify an inserted component,
  • automatic drawing of insulation on ventilation ducts.


More information on the application at:

Alnor Ventilation Systems
Krakowska 10 Avenue
05-552 Wola Mrokowska

tel. +48 22 737 40 00