Stay up-to-date - use RSS


Using RSS feeds you are able to keep track of the most important events in Alnor Company.

RSS is a format for the transmission of messages published on the page. RSS messages are delivered in the form of headlines and are similar to e-mail – they have titles, shortcut and a link, which leads to the full information on the Web page. The easiest way to browse news from RSS feeds is to use RSS readers or special browser functions of Internet Explorer 7, Opera or Firefox.

RSS is similar to the newsletter, does not, however, require your own e-mail at which news come once a month or a week.

Subject matter of RSS news sent by Alnor:

  • Promotions and sales
  • Product News
  • Information for designers
  • Branch and corporate news

How to use RSS

To subscribe to the RSS feed, copy the link to the reader. All messages will appear in the reader automatically, immediately after their publication on the website.

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