FLX REKU Household Ventilation System

FLX REKU Household Ventilation System

Semi-rigid radial ducting is among flexible ducting, rigid metal (most often galvanized ducting is one of the most common systems to be used for Household Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system.

For domestic or small commercial properties, semi-rigid ducting is a perfect solution, check the following benefits:

  • leak-free installation
  • easy to install
  • small duct diameter - easier to accommodate in tight spaces
  • low air resistance
  • high material durability with a higher tensile strength than any other ducting.

Plenum boxes (also called manifolds) are made of galvanized steel sheet (available version made of stainless steel).It's recommended to choose plenum boxes with gaskets it is possible to obtain the airtightness class C according to EN 12237:2005.

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