Selection of Acoustics - AlnorSILENT

The selection of acoustics

The most important function of the software:

  • selection of the silencer for the fan and the expected acoustics level
  • export of technical parameters to the specification - full specification
  • proposal of several models of silencers in reference to the expected acoustics


Acoustics - AlnorSILENT

The AlnorSILENT software is intended for HVAC designers as a tool that facilitates the selection of silencers. The software calculates the characteristics of the silencers based on the data input by the user. Using the AlnorSILENT software, the designer obtains:

  • the completely friendly and intuitive software interface
  • the functional interface which consists of many panels including the product data sheet, the 3D model preview and the table of results, allows the most important information about the product to be analysed by the designer at the same time.
  • the possibility of selection of a silencer based on the technical data and acoustic criteria.
  • the possibility of exporting 3D models of silencers in the IFC and DXF formats.
  • the access to detailed material specifications and technical data which facilitate the preparation of a cost estimate for the ventilation system
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