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Vibration damping solutions in ventilation systems

Flexible duct connectors

HVAC equipment like air handling units, fans or chillers generate noise and vibrations that impact the ventilation system. Properly installed air duct system should have build-in elements which secure from or significantly decrease transition of vibrations. We offer several available solutions:
1. Vibration-damping HVAC roof feet, e.g. ST-ROF-AWL

Roof support feet

Figure 1

2. Rectangular duct suspension brackets with vibration dampers, e.g. EQLS. EQZS

Duct suspension brackets

Figure 2

3. GPK vibration damper for mounting channel LDB

Vibration damper for mounting channel

Figure 3

4. Suspension rings for round ducts, e.g. CLRL

Suspension rings for spiral ducts

Figure 4

5. Flexible duct connectors, e.g. ILA or ILA-K

Flexible duct connector with steel flanges

Figure 5

6. Flexible male couplings with gaskets, e.g. ILA-NSL

Flexible duct connector with male ends and seals

Figure 6

Flexible duct connectors are used to connect ducted fans to ductwork - available options for round duct connection: male (ILA) or flange (ILA-K) type. These are made of vibration dampening tape AMT. Considering rectangular duct connectors, these are an important element in the production of air handling units, bidirectional AHUs with heat recovery system or rectangular ducted and roof fans.

Design of ATM tape
Material which is responsible for deadens the vibration is fibreglass fabric finished with different coatings. The most popular coatings are PVC, silicon, polyurethane and neoprene. The fabric layer is fixed to two strips of metal sheets (galvanised or stainless steel) with tight seams (METAL SHEET-FABRIC-METAL SHEET. A commonly used name for the fabric layer is the name of the coating, e.g. PVC tape. The quality of the production and seaming technology guarantees air tightness and water resistance.

Available materials width configurations (length in roll 25m or 50m):

Metal [mm] Fabric [mm] Metal [mm]
35 60 35
45 75 45
60 100 60
70 100 70
45 150 45
70 150 70


Coating type 
Fabric coated with PVC is the most popular and cost-effective choice. It is designed to use in comfort ventilation systems and maintain its properties in the temperature range -30°C/+80°C.

Flexible duct connector with PVC coating - Metal-PVC-Metal

The silicone coating is characterized by greater resistance on temperature, mechanical damage as well as chemicals. Operating temperature limit is -30°C / 260°C. It also has periodic resistance on high temperature up to 400°C for 2h.  The AMT-HI-T tape can be applied to smoke extraction systems. What is more, the fabric with silicone coating has greater resistance on aging, weather conditions and chemical substances.

Flexible duct connector with Silicone coating - Metal-Silicone-Metal

Polyurethane (PU)
The fabric coated with PU, like silicone, can be used in smoke extraction systems (temperature resistant up to 400°C / 2h). The AMT-PU and AMT-K-PU (K – stainless steal) tapes are characterized by greater abrasion resistance.

Flexible duct connector with Polyurethane coating - Metal-PU-Metal

The neoprene, the synthetic rubber, is suitable to use in outdoor applications. It has great resistance to alkaline substances and gasoline, nevertheless, the temperature range is from -30°C do 180°C.

Flexible duct connector with Neoprene coating - Metal-Neoprene-Metal

Coating characteristic table

  PVC Silicone Polyurethane (PU) Neoprene
Temperature range -30°C / +80°C -30°C / +260°C -30°C / + 180°C -30°C / +180°C
Temp. resistance for 2h - 400 °C 400 °C -
Material properties General use, economical choice Resistant to high temperatures, aging, weather conditions and chemical substances. Great abrasion resistance Synthetic rubber, suitable for outdoor application, great resistant to chemical substances and gasoline.


Balancing tape applications:
• fabrication of round flexible connectors or to use in comfort ventilation and smoke extraction systems.
• fabrication of rectangular flexible connectors for air handling units to be used inside or outside the building
• fabrication of flexible couplings (compensator) for duct works.

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