Roof feet

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Roof feet are a perfect solution for supporting ductwork, pipework, solar panels, cable containment & air conditioning systems over flat and slightly pitched roofs.

Roof feet - Why use it?

First of all, rooftop supports are a component of non-penetrative support systems. Meaning? They protect the roof membrane from mechanical damage caused by heavy equipment by even load distribution of ventilation ducting, air conditioning units, etc.

Next, roof foot is one of a wide range of ST-ROF support system components, fully compatible with STRUT channel system. This means, that You have huge versatility of different roof support configurations.

Roof support systems - other components

In order to design Your own rooftop support, You can to choose from comprehensive range of support feet, 41 x41 strut channel and bracketry and anti-vibration mats. Or You can order modular framework sets boxed for convenience.

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