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Roof feet

Photo of product family: Roof feet

Roof feet are a perfect solution for supporting ductwork, pipework, solar panels, cable containment & air conditioning systems over flat and slightly pitched roofs.

Roof feet - Why use it?

First of all, rooftop supports are a component of non-penetrative support systems. Meaning? They protect the roof membrane from mechanical damage caused by heavy equipment by even load distribution of ventilation ducting, air conditioning units, etc.

Next, roof foot is one of a wide range of ST-ROF support system components, fully compatible with STRUT channel system. This means, that You have huge versatility of different roof support configurations.

Roof support systems - other components

In order to design Your own rooftop support, You can to choose from comprehensive range of support feet, 41 x41 strut channel and bracketry and anti-vibration mats. Or You can order modular framework sets boxed for convenience.

Roof feet - Products range
Miniature picture Product code Name of product Files to download
Photo of product ST-ROF-330/ST-ROF-AW-330

The ST-ROF and ST-ROF-AW roof feet are supports for various types of roof-mounted units, including
condensers, AHUs, A/C outdoor units, or solar panels. This product can be combined with
LDBST 41-41 strut channel to provide frames and racks for ventilation ductwork installation, as well as bridges,
ladders, duct and line passageways on rooftops. The 2 integrated water levels help the fitters to precisely level out the roof foot.
Each roof foot is made of a humidity- and UV-resistant plastic.

Photo of product Mounting roof foot ST-ROF-AWL-STR

Mounting roof foot

The ST-ROF-AWL-STR roof strip feet are designed to support
light-weight roof equipment, e.g. home split A/C units, pipe
bundles, ductwork, or cables.

The ST-ROF-AWL-STR strip feet are available in four length sizes.
Each ST-ROF-AWL-STR features a 41x41 mm aluminium channel
embedded at the top and along the entire SBR body.

Mounting roof foot
Photo of product HVAC roof feet ST-ROF-AWL

HVAC roof feet

The ST-ROF-AWL roof feet are heavy-duty supports for
installation of large HVAC units on the roof. The roof foot
is designed so as to ensure distribution of the HVAC unit's
weight over a relatively large area of the roof, thus removing
the risk of breaking the roof and the ceiling structure.

The rubber-based material helps to eliminate vibrations generated
by the HVAC unit. The HVAC unit is fastened to the roof foot
with an LDBST channel strut.

HVAC roof feet
Photo of product Vibration-damping mat for roof supports and feet ST-ROF-MAT

Vibration-damping mat for roof supports and feet

ST-ROF-MAT mats are placed under roof feet and supports
to effectively deaden vibrations and noise generated by
roof-installed equipment. They also protect the roofing from
mechanical damage.

Vibration-damping mat for roof supports and feet