Controllers and sensors for HRV: SlimAIR / PremAIR / MinistAIR

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HRV controls and sensors

HRV control is essential for overall HRV efficiency. Not only does it affect your comfort of use, but the energy consumption of the heat recovery unit as well. It is obvious that you look at the energy class of a heat recovery unit when selecting one. Did you know that the method of control also affects the energy class of the HRV?
The heat recovery unit can be controlled by a variety of ways, including:

Manual control

Using manual control means choosing one of the programmed operating modes of the HRU control panel, which remains on until the next manual change is made.

Weekly timer with scheduled operation modes

It can be described as a semi-automatic mode as the modes are selected according to time. Specific modes continue to have a certain capacity in m3/h, but we can specify when and which days of the week the air handling unit operates in a defined mode. For example, from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., the control panel can be set to the AWAY mode, because we assume the household members are not in the house.


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