Photo of product family: Take-offs

Take-offs are produced in diameters range 80 to 1600 mm of galvanized, aluminium and acid-resistant sheet.

They are recommended in the version with EPDM seals to ensure achieving "D" class leak tightness according to EN 12237 (RISE certificate). Depending on a type of connection, application and material there are following types of take-offs:

  • Connecting - ILS/ILSL enabling connection of round ducts to rectangular ducts. They are also produced in the pressed version ILPR/ILPRL with rounded flange to reduce resistance of flow. - Terminating pipelines with a steel mesh ILN and ASV which are produced with a drip directed at 45° angle protecting against precipitations.
  • Absorbing - ILA used to reduce vibrations of a system which occur as a result of operation of central units and fans. They are available as ILA-K version with steel flanges at both ends.
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