Duct and fittings insulated with rubber mat

Photo of product family: Duct and fittings insulated with rubber mat

Ducts that are already insulated can significantly cut installation time for installers. The FOAM system consists of steel ventilation ducts and fittings insulated with rubber foam. Insulated ducts are sold in 1 and 2-meter sections. The ventilation fittings are factory-fitted with an EPDM rubber gasket, thus ensuring tightness class D (certificate No. 0103/07) in accordance with the PN-EN 12237 standard.

Close-cell foam made of synthetic rubber is used as insulation. Foam rubber insulation is mounted directly on fittings and spiral ducts. It has excellent thermal insulation properties. It saves us time since we do not have to insulate the installation ourselves at the construction site.

Why should you use FOAM system?

  • quick assembly of insulated elements,
  • small insulation thickness [9, 13, 19, 25] with high thermal insulation,
  • perfect for ventilation systems, including HRV and ducted  A/C
  • used in areas where insulation cannot be added after the duct system is assembled.
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