Ventilation Ducts and Round Ventilation Fittings

Ventilation Ducts and Round Ventilation Fittings

Ventilation ducts and fittings form the fresh air extraction and distribution system in industrial, detached houses and blocks of flats.

The ventilation tubing comprises spiral tubes, bends, T-pieces, reducers, connectors, plugs and takeoffs– pressed and segmented with diameters from 80 to 1600 mm.

A standard ventilation system is made of galvanised sheet metal. In a case when the fittings are equipped with a gasket they comply with the sealing class D in accordance with the PN-EN 12237:2005 standard.

Alnor circular ducts and ductwork elements are manufactured according to Swedish Technical Approval no. 0103/07 issued by SP Certifiering.

Ventilation elements made of stainless steel or aluminium sheet can be used in atypical places with increased humidity or in places where ventilation tubes come in contact with chemical agents.

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