System description - Doors, filters, auxiliary elements

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A wide range of products such as access doors, cleanouts,
hatches, covers and dampers for easy cleaning and
maintenance access to the interior of ductwork. The ducts
and fittings with complementary flanges and clamps form the
TRANS®System – a complete ductwork solution with flanged
connections and couplings.

All components of the TRANS®System are available in the
diameter sizing of the standard round ductwork. The only
difference is that the fittings for this system are manufactured
with zero-tolerance rating to fit round ducts. Other sizes
are shown in the tables and specifications in the individual
Product Data Sheets

The access doors and cleanouts provide an easy and troublefree
access to the ductwork for cleaning of the inner surfaces.
The access doors can also be installed in finished ductwork
installations without any need for rebuilding or compromising
the required air flow standards.

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