Plastic ventilation ducts and fittings

Plastic ventilation ducts and fittings

Plastic ducting for ventilation

Ventilation systems made of plastics are widely used in many areas and sectors where the conventional materials, such as plated steel or stainless steel become insufficient due to their limitations. Plastics have traditionally been used in laboratories, chemical industry or spaces of high purity grade. 

Chemical resistant plastic ductwork- available materials

Chemical resistant ventilation ductwork – available types and characteristics of plastics:
PVC - polyvinyl chloride: is characterized by high chemical resistance  (especially to organic acids and lye), high stability and rigidity, high resistance to corrosion, operating temperature from 0 to +60˚C, as well as self-extinguishing capacity. Plastics welding or bonding up to Ø 250.
White PVC - used for outdoors.
PP - polypropylene duct: high chemical resistance (especially to solvents and alcohols), high resistance to corrosion, hot water and water vapour, operating temperature from 0 to 80˚C, normally flammable material.
PPs - shares the basic characteristics of polypropylene (PP), but is also flame resistant and bears high resistance to temperature - the range of operating temperature scales from 0 to 90˚C.
PP-EL-s - apart from having the same characteristics as PPs, it is also an electrically conductive material. This effect is achieved by providing PPs with specifically conductive particles.
PE - polyethylene: high chemical resistance, high resistance to hot water and water vapour, UV resistant, operating temperature from -50 to 70˚C, normally flammable material.

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