Semi rigid circular ducting, non-metalic

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Semi-rigid radial ducting FLX-HDPE and FLX-HDPE-A are used for air distribution
systems. Comparatively small diameters allow hiding the installation between
joists or tight spaces e.g. ceilings, screeds, slabs or suspended ceiling.
Moreover, the FLX-HDPE-A-75 duct interior has an antibacterial and
antimold coating which use silver oxideions as a base.
Semi-rigid ducts FLX-HDPE and FLX-HDPE-A are press fit with the rest of
the installation components. Seal rings at the connection points guarantee a good system seal.

FLX-HDPE and FLX-HDPE-A Semi-rigid, non-metallic are made of high-impact,
crush-resistant polyethylene, corrugated construction and material offer
very high mechanical resistance of the entire system. The smooth inner
surface of semi-rigid ducting leads to low pressure losses in the installation.
Ducts are supplied in 50m coils.

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