System description - Rectangular ventilation ducts and fittings

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This is ALNOR's range of rectangular ducts and fittings for
ventilation systems.
This catalogue presents the rectangular ducts and fittings
sized in accordance with EN 1505:2001, “Ventilation for
buildings. Sheet metal air ducts and fittings with rectangular
cross-section. Dimensions” and reference standards.
The surface area of ventilation ducts and fittings is measured
according to DIN 18379, “German construction contract
procedures – Part C: General technical specifications for
building works – Room ventilation systems”. Rectangular
ducts and fittings are designed for low- and medium-pressure
indoor HVAC systems. Rectangular ducts and fittings made
from stainless steel or aluminium are available on request
if a higher corrosion protection level is required. Alnor also
fabricates custom fittings to individual design requirements.

The standard dimensions of ducts and fittings range between
130 mm and 2500 mm for any side length. The ducts and
fittings below and above these sizes are available on request.
Measurements of the surface area and the lead time for
custom ductwork orders are subject to separate arrangements.

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