Dedicated to heat pumps - CHDE cooler-heater

Dedicated to heat pumps - CHDE cooler-heater

Introducing our latest duct cooler/heater, an advanced indoor cooling and heating solution. The new arrival is available in two sizes: 429x560x364 DN160 (DN200 w/filter) and 429x660x414 DN200 (DN250 w/filter), with a cooling capacity of 1.85 kW and an impressive 3.20 kW for the large size.

Its rugged structure, with 24mm thick thermal insulation and the optional powder coated finish, ensures great aesthetics and anti-corrosion protection. Versatile installation, easy service access to the heat exchanger and the integrated filter section make the unit a perfect choice for many different needs.

It works perfectly with heat recovery systems and heat pumps, offering smart control algorithms and season detection for optimum performance.

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Cooler-heater CHDW
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Cooler-heater CHDW
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