Special ventilation

2022-03-25 Plastic ventilation systems - PVC | PP | PPs and more

Plastics based on polymers are applicable in many industry fields, The sanitary industry has taken advantage of the solutions based on the so called plastics for many years.


2021-06-09 Ventilation system made of copper

Ventilation system made of copper is a guarantee of aesthetics, durability and low cost of operation. Such an installation, apart from its unique style and colour, is also very durable. It does not undergo corrosion; moreover, it is resistant to changes in atmospheric conditions and air pressure in the installation.


2020-09-29 What is Photovoltaics?

Photovoltaics is the process of generating electricity by conversion of solar radiation energy that is free. Photovoltaic cells are semiconductor elements conducting electrical charges, with their construction usually based on silicon (Si).


2020-04-06 Copper versus COVID-19 - Honest study summary

The danger of developing microorganisms in HVAC systems and the potential formation of bacterial infections in the environment of transported air to the rooms cause anxiety among society. Find out why copper ventilation is recommended.


2019-12-16 Ventilation systems for swimming pools

Ventilation systems for swimming pool halls must be resistant to aggressive and humid environments. Not only the air handling unit but also the appropriate air distribution ductwork system is responsible for meeting harsh humidity conditions.

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