Preinsulated ducts and fittings 10/16 or 25 mm insulation

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Pre-insulated SPIRAL ductwork 

Pre-insulated ducts and fittings, designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Insulated ductwork consists of inner and outer galvanised with mineral wool between. Nominal dimension of diameter 100 -500 mm always defines inner ducts diameters and fittings diameters.

Complete pre-insulated ductwork includes double-wall spiral ducts, duct fittings (bends, T-pieces, reducers, couplings, end caps) and air dampers, as well as mounting accessories like one-piece suspension clamps for insulated ductwork (see CLRU).  

Insulation of pre-insulated SPIRAL ductwork 

For preinsulated ductwork 3 thickness of insulation are used: 10, 16 or 25 mm duct insulation.

Available Materials

Inner and outer walls of insulated ductwork are made of a galvanised sheet metal as a standard. We also offer insulated metal ductwork in aluminium and stainless steel. 

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