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Alnor CAM

To cover expectations of our partners for growing flexibility and keeping control under conducted activities we would like to present you the program which will help to achieve these aims. 

Alnor CAM software description

AlnorCAM is a stand-alone software designed to allow the buyer creation of production breakdowns of rectangular ventilation elements. They are then imported to a production software, where we receive both square meters amount listing, and a faultless model of elements to be produced as well.
Thanks to the usage of AlnorCAM software the buyer is able to fully control specifications of elements commissioned to production, which may be produced in a shorter period of time because there is no need to verify them by the technologist.


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In order to adapt, to the largest extent, the functionality of the software to client’s expectations, we encourage you to share with us your remarks and suggestions. On the basis of these kind of information, we will modify Alnor CAM software successively, increasing its usefulness and functionality.

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