Circular Smoke Extraction Ducts and Fittings

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The system of single-compartment steel, circular smoke extraction ducts
in E 600 120 (ho) S1500 single fire resistance class is intended to be
used in the construction industry in a horizontal system as elements
creating a smoke extraction ventilation system or combined ventilation,
fulfilling at the same time the functions of general and smoke extraction
ventilation, assuming that they serve only the compartment in which they
have been installed. Systems serving one fire compartment may be independent
systems or may be combined with a collective, multi-compartment system.

The main task of the smoke extraction systems is to remove hot gases and
smoke from the area covered by the fire in order to facilitate
the evacuation of people and to enable the extinguishing action and
the evacuation of people from the area at risk, while complying with
the criteria of fire and/or smoke tightness specified under conditions
of exposure to a temperature of 600°C.

The SMOKE system steel, single-compartment, round smoke extraction ducts, together with their components, are classified according to the PN-EN 13501-4+A1:2016 in E600 120 (ho) S1500 single fire resistance class,  and as non-combustible and non-fire spreading.

All male components of the SMOKE system smoke extraction ducts are equipped with GASK double lip seals for ventilation fittings made of EPDM and a 1.8 mm thick and 10 mm wide intumescent seal.

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