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SQUER - Rectangular ducting

Photo of product family: SQUER - Rectangular ducting

Rectangular ventilation ducts are produced of galvanized, aluminium
and stainless steel sheet with 100x100 mm up to 2000x2000 and optionally
in larger dimensions.

Rectangular ducting is available in low and medium-pressure versions and the version for
smoke extraction systems. The range includes also rectangular ducts preinsulated inside
with mineral wool having high acoustic and thermal properties.

In case of thermal insulation, it is possible to cover the external surface of a duct
with aluminium, galvanized or stainless steel sheet.

In the case of larger sections of duct, additional straight and cross reinforcement is made
depending on a size of a duct and assumed pressure inside an installation.

SQUER - Rectangular ducting - Products range
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Photo of product Rectangular ductwork -straight QDN

Rectangular ductwork -straight

All rectangular ducts are fitted with flange frames made of sheet angles
and braced by cross-wise ribbing. Larger ducts are additionally braced
with galvanized tubes (baffles). The ducts are manufactured in the following
standard sections to standardize the fabrication, shipping and installation procedure:
If a or b ≤ 500, then L = 1250 mm
If a or b > 500, then L = 1500 mm

Rectangular ductwork -straight
Photo of product Rectangular Duct - slanted QD1

Rectangular Duct - slanted

The angle rectangular duct spigot plates are tipped with sheet angles
at one end. The other end features a spigot plate similar to a roof kerb,
the size of which can be chosen according to individual requirements.

The duct angle to the plate can be anywhere between 10 and 90 degrees according
to individual requirements.

Rectangular Duct - slanted
Photo of product Rectangular flexible duct connector 

Rectangular flexible duct connector

Flexible duct connector for rectangular ducts and fittings. It is made of PQ duct flange profile and NQ duct corners interconnected by AMT flexible connectors.

Rectangular flexible duct connectors can be used to join ventilation ducts but above all, it is used to eliminate vibrations caused by air handling units and fans.

The design of the AMT flexible duct connector (a joint consisting of a layer of fabric and two strips of sheet metal on both sides) ensures very good airtightness.

Rectangular flexible duct connector