New SlimAIR-1000
 Equipped with reliable and efficient fans, the new air handling unit is not only efficient but also extremely lightweight, weighing just 75 kg.

It provides an output of 1,000 m3/h at a pressure differential of 100 Pa, while consuming minimal energy.

Its maximum heat recovery is as high as 94%! You can order our SlimAIR1000 with either a PET counterflow heat exchanger or an enthalpy heat exchanger for efficient moisture recovery.

Download the data sheet and instructions for more details!


Ultra slim Heat Recovery Units SlimAIR



Ultra Slim HRU-SlimAIR
Download the technical sheet

User manual HRU-SlimAIR



User Manual for SlimAIR
Download the User Manual

These and other products for ventilation and heat recovery can be found in the PRODUCTS section

Dedicated to heat pumps - CHDE cooler-heater

Introducing our latest duct cooler/heater, an advanced indoor cooling and heating solution. The new arrival is available in two sizes: 429x560x364 DN160 (DN200 w/filter) and 429x660x414 DN200 (DN250 w/filter), with a cooling capacity of 1.85 kW and an impressive 3.20 kW for the large size.

Its rugged structure, with 24mm thick thermal insulation and the optional powder coated finish, ensures great aesthetics and anti-corrosion protection. Versatile installation, easy service access to the heat exchanger and the integrated filter section make the unit a perfect choice for many different needs.

It works perfectly with heat recovery systems and heat pumps, offering smart control algorithms and season detection for optimum performance.

KNG anemostat gipsowy



Cooler-heater CHDW
Download technical sheet 


Rekuperatory z serii MinistAIR



Cooler-heater CHDW
Download users manual


“Zinc plated

ZM310-coated sheet steel ventilation products are now available in our range. These products have increased durability extending service life, generate lower operating costs and are more cost-effective compared to post-galvanised zinc, aluminium or stainless steel.

The Spiral System® with ZM310 coating is available in diameters of DN 80-500 mm, which includes, ventilation bends, ducts, ventilation t-pieces, dampers, roof outlets and intakes , and silencers.

You can recognise the products by the ZM symbol in the code, e.g. BSL-ZM-200-90.

Unveiling the Elegance: Introducing the KNG Plaster Moulded Diffuser

We're thrilled to announce a new addition to our ventilation range that is set to elevate your interior spaces – introducing the KNG Plaster Moulded Diffuser.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional aesthetic qualities
  • Advanced performance for optimal ventilation
  • Constructed with premium gypsum compound for durability and impact resistance
  • Efficient air flow design for enhanced functionality

The KNG diffuser is not just a ventilation component: it's a refined interior design piece that seamlessly blends with various styles. Its versatility extends to customization, as it can be painted to suit your preferred interior finish.

We believe this innovative solution will bring a new level of sophistication and efficiency to your projects. If you have any inquiries or would like more details, feel free to reach out.

Thank you for considering our latest offering.

KNG Plaster Moulded Diffuser technical sheet  



Selection of VAV regulators - AlnorSELECT

A new tool is available to speed up the process of selecting airflow regulators. We created the AlnorSELECT program for customer convenience and efficiency. The program allows the selection of VAV variable flow regulators (RAVAV and RAVAV-Q).

The main features of the AlnorSELECT program:

  1. Fast and Precise Selection - The program automatically selects air flow regulators, taking into account the given parameters.
  2. Proposal of Models - AlnorSELECT will propose several models of regulators, meeting the specified selection criteria.
  3. Generate PDF Report - At the end of the process, the program will allow you to generate a PDF file with a comprehensive report on the selection of regulators, technical data, drawings.
  4. Shopping Cart -After adding the selected regulators to the shopping cart, send a request for quote and Alnor specialists will contact you to discuss the request in detail.

We invite you to use AlnorSELECT now. We believe that this innovative tool will contribute to the success of new projects. We will be happy to answer any questions and support you in the process of using the program.


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