Heat recovery unit HRU-PremAIR

Heat recovery unit HRU-PremAIR

The PremAIR heat recovery units with high efficiency - up to 90.3% of heat recovery - are a modern series of HRVs with excellent technical parameters and easy operation. PremAIR series heat recovery ventilators are all class A or A+ (depending on the control type).

With low power consumption, the system is designed to run continuously. The PremAIR heat recovery uni consumes only 17W in first gear! An EPP casing and energy-saving EC fans were used in the construction of the HRV to ensure its high efficiency.

You can choose from the following PremAIR heat recovery models:

  • with a counterflow exchanger - made of high-efficiency aluminum
  • with an enthalpy exchanger, with an additional polymer membrane that effectively recovers heat and moisture from the exhaust air. It also blocks the penetration of odors, bacteria and spores.
  • with Constant Flow moduleDuring the use of the mechanical ventilation system, the working conditions change - the filters get dirty, condensate has accumulated on the exchanger. The Constant Flow (CF) module is designed to proactively counteract such changes and maintain the preset air flows.
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