FLX-REKU household ventilation system

Photo of product family: FLX-REKU household ventilation  system

The FLX-REKU air distribution ductwork consists of ventilation
semi-rigid ducts, distribution and plenum boxes, ventilation
dampers and other elements that, together with a heat
recovery unit, constitue a complete mechanichal ventilation
system with heat recovery (MVHR). The FLX-REKU system
is a great solution when high durability and flexibility are
required. The high circumferential rigidity allows burying the
ducts in concrete.

Main component of FLX-REKU air distribution system is radial,
semi-rigid ducting in the outer diameter Ø63, Ø75 or Ø90 mm, with
inner diameter of 51 mm, 63 mm or 75 mm respectively. In FLX-PLO
plenum and distribution boxes duct connection spigots fit the inner
dimension of the duct (male connection), while in FLX-PRO plenym
and distribution boxes, duct connection spigots fit outer dimension
(male connection).
Main component of FLX-REKU-OVAL air distribution system is oval,
semi-rigid ducting (a trapezoid-like shape) with a height of only
52mm and a width of 132mm, low profile of FLX-REKU-OVAL system
allows it to be installed easily in the floor and ceiling insulation layer.

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