Plenum boxes FLX-PRO - with circular spigot connections

Photo of product family: Plenum boxes FLX-PRO - with circular spigot connections

FLX-PRO plenum boxes and distribution boxes are joining for FLX-HDPE and
FLX-HDPE-A semi-rigid ducting, which form an air distribution system for
mechanical ventilation system with a heat recovery unit.

Due to small size, they do not require a lot of space or special installation.
This allows to save more usable interior space.
FLX-PRO plenum boxes are made of galvanized steel as a standard.

Plenum boxes are also available in stainless steel version, upon special request.
Moreover, in our offer, there are also plenum boxes with an insulation lining.
The insulated plenum boxes are inside insulated with technical insulation
with a thickness of 9mm.

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